• The Policy Partnerships Project for Genomic Governance (P3G2)  is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering collaboration between population genomics researchers. This is done through the development of free and accessible research templates, resources and methods that help optimize and harmonize the ethical design of databases and biobanks, biomedical research and policy development.


    With membership from over 40 countries, P3G2 benefits from a critical mass of experts dedicated to shaping and improving all aspects in the field of population genomics.

  • P3G2 provides a wide range of services and expertise to assist researchers in the development of study specific-ethics policies.

    Also, as part of its networking activities, P3G2 has built a large global network of experts representing the broad range of socio-ethical and legal knowledge required. Working with this community of experts, P3G2 undertakes a wide range of networking activities and knowledge dissemination events to optimize the design of research and facilitate its harmonization. It develops innovative approaches and tools capable of meeting the challenges of complex, cutting-edge biomedical, genomic, epidemiological and environmental research.

  • While P3G2 provides guidance on the development of ethico-legal tools and policies for health research, such guidance does not constitute a legal opinion or advice. P3G2 or its staff cannot act as legal counsel. P3G2 can assist with the development of template contractual tools (e.g.: Material/Data Transfer Agreements). Research teams are encouraged to seek independent legal counsel regarding the execution of such agreements.


    P3G2 frequently collaborates with scientific teams, IT developers, genetic counsellors, physicians and more, and has some in-house experts in these domains, but P3G2 does not provide advice on scientific aspects of the project, though it can assist with developing other aspects of the research protocol.


    P3G2 does not provide any data/biospecimen collection or storage services.


    Furthermore, P3G2 does not manage or coordinate the research studies themselves. Ethics submissions and management of correspondence with research ethics committees are undertaken by the research study core team. Similarly, P3G2 does not interact with research participants or undertake recruitment.

  • Prof. Bartha Maria Knoppers is the Director of the Centre for Genomics and Policy (CGP) at McGill University, and the Chair of the Board of Directors at P3G2.


    The P3G2 team is hosted within the CGP’s premises, and the two groups collaborate on projects. P3G2 ensures the delivery of ethico-legal services to researchers, institutes and corporate entities, while CGP performs international comparative research in ethics, law, genomics and health that informs P3G2’s activities. Members of the CGP frequently act as domain experts for P3G2 projects.

  • P3G2 primarily serves the needs of biomedical researchers, institutions and private organizations working with studies, biobanks, research databases and other similar health and social research infrastructures in the areas of human genomics, social science and environmental and epidemiological research.

  • The P3G2 office is based in Montréal, Québec (Canada). Because of our international mission, and since health research projects are often multi-jurisdictional we have developed a specific expertise in human health research that spans across national jurisdictions. While many of our projects involve applying international human research ethics standards, in addition to locally applicable norms, most are based on Canadian research ethics frameworks.

  • P3G2 receives base funding for some of its networking and dissemination activities from a number of funding organizations (Genome Canada and Genome Québec). P3G2 can also act as research partner on eligible grant applications.


    Additional funding is generated through tools and support provided to researchers, institutions or companies, which are charged on a cost-recovery basis. A number of flexible pricing options are available, based on specific needs.