New name, new look, same philosophy!

New name, new look, same philosophy! 150 150 P3G2

Over the past decade, P3G has seen considerable evolution in its activities that address the needs of the health research community. While initially developed as an international network of biobankers for the development of IT, epi, ethical legal and social (ELSI) tools, and other biobanking resources, the launch of the International Policy interoperability and data Access Clearinghouse (IPAC) crystallized the new mission of P3G in 2013, to develop ELSI tools and provide services to a wide spectrum of research projects.

As a direct result, the current day-to-day activities of P3G are very different from what there were a few years ago.  Currently, P3G mainly provides consultation services on the ethical aspects of a broad range of biomedical research.  It also assists in the development of policy tools for research projects. In brief, P3G no longer undertakes research activities solely for biobanks, nor does it develop IT, epidemiological or other resources solely for biobanks.

This novel orientation addresses the gap between forward-looking, anticipatory research mandates and the day-to-day tasks of guiding research projects in their policy and ethical frameworks.  To that end, P3G activities are now closer to those of an ELSI service provider that supports research activities.  Therefore, the Board of Directors has decided to transform P3G into a new entity, the Policy Partnerships Project for Genomic Governance (P3G2) located at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University.

In order to better illustrate the shift this brings about, the website has also been refreshed with a new look and new functionalities. However, this does not mean that P3G2 will change the way it aims to support and guide the health research community. As visitors to the site can see, P3G2 will continue to build on the expertise it has gathered over the years and stay true to its mission to foster collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.

We hope you remain by our side in this new endeavour!