International Policy Think Tanks

As part of its mission to lead, catalyze and coordinate international efforts and expertise and optimize the use of health research projects and infrastructures, P3G2 is committed to providing its expertise in policy, law and ethics in order to support innovation, knowledge development and dissemination.

Networking Activities

An international policy think tank, P3G2 supports national and international research and meetings. It facilitates communication between researchers across different jurisdictions to address emerging policy and ethical issues.

In addition, P3G2 contributes to social debates by preparing white papers, governance frameworks and position statements. P3G2 also provides coordination, management and administrative support to national and international research projects, by doing the following:

Organizing and planning face-to-face

with national and international researchers (e.g. room booking, travel coordination, meal planning, preparation of meeting agenda and materials, meeting minutes, etc.)

Planning and hosting teleconferences and workshops

to facilitate communication and updates among the various partners

Supporting PI’s at different institutions

to ensure that the planned activities and deliverables are on track and providing solutions for any issues requiring attention

Recording Meeting Minutes (Conference Calls and Face-to-Face Meetings)

Preparing white papers, governance frameworks and position statements

Disseminating research outputs via P3G2 communication channels

P3G2 is committed to promoting pre-competitive data sharing while respecting legal and ethical obligations, as well as maintaining a global vision for international research.